Terri Hartman

Terri Hartman

  • Member Since: 2013
  • Occupation: Mom, wife, CEO of The Hartman residence
  • Age: 44


• CrossFit Level 1
• BA – Music Business, Western Illinois University

Terri’s love for health and fitness started in her 20’s when her now husband challenged her to run her first 5k. After that summer, she was hooked on how much better your body feels when you exercise regularly and eat healthy. Going from 5k’s to marathons, Terri continued to challenge herself physically. After her two children were born, her love (and time) for running diminished, and a good friend recommended CrossFit. Joining Windy City in 2013, Terri had an immediate passion and drive for all things CrossFit, “I knew after my first class at Windy City, this was the sport and the community for me. I love the workouts, the energy and most of all, the people at Windy City.”

Terri is the Chief Family Officer (CFO) of the Hartman family with two young boys and has a degree and background in music, business, marketing and cooking. She holds a pastry certificate from Kendall College and loves to make food taste good that you would never know is good for you. To Terri, as in working out and cooking, life is one big creative challenge after another – never done, always trying.