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The secret to staying fit is finding what’s right for you, and we want to make sure Windy City is the right place for you, so come try us out. During your trial week, you will get to workout and learn what we're all about. No strings attached. No experience required. You can also book a private appointment with one of our coaches to discuss our services, programs and your goals. Learn more about your free week.

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Experienced CrossFitter?

We would love to have you visit our facility, meet our coaches and get a free week trial. After your first week, transferring CrossFitters can take advantage of our Intro Membership offers, but will not be required to complete our CrossFit Level 1 classes. 

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After Your First Week

If you loved your first week, the next step is to pick a membership type that best suits you. Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Intro Memberships

If you're new to Windy City, you must choose one of our Intro Memberships. Designed to get you acclimated to our programs and group classes, these memberships are for both beginners and experienced athletes.

  • 30-Day Intro Membership: $205 no strings attached (with ability to upgrade to 4-Month within first 30 days and save $151)

  • 4-Month Intro Membership: $99 for first month + $190/month for remaining 3 months

  • 4-Month Paid in Full: $609

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Standard Memberships

Get unlimited access to our group classes, and become part of our amazing community.

  • Month-to-Month: $205/month
  • 12-Month: $190/month
  • 12-Month Paid in Full: $2,100

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Exclusive Memberships

Get a training program designed individually for you. Exclusive Members get the flexibility to train when they want, are comfortable training on their own, and need to be held accountable. It’s for those who want specialized programming to meet specific needs or goals. Remote coaching available.

  • Month-to-Month: $335/month
  • 12-Month: $305/month
  • Remote Only: $200/month

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Punch Cards

Not ready for a full membership? Get a punch card to use when the time is right for you. You'll get an email when you're running low on classes. Please see a coach to purchase or replenish your punch card.

  • Punch Card: 10 classes for $200


Other Offerings

Personal Training

Personal Training at Windy City is the fastest, most successful and motivational way to reach your fitness goals. You will work 1-on-1 with a personal coach in private individual sessions. Personal Training is for those with special needs, limitations, specific goals and can accommodate nearly any schedule.

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Youth Memberships

We offer a Teen Membership (ages 14-17) and Youth Personal Training (all ages) that are designed to both educate your child on the importance of exercise as well as preparing their bodies and minds for optimal growth and development.

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WOD Subscriptions

Get unlimited online access to our Workouts of the Day (WODs). Perfect for those who can’t physically work out at our Chicago location, but want quality programming to do on their own.

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Specialty Tracks

Routine is the enemy. We understand that sometimes you just want to change it up, try something different and experience unique styles of training. We offer a number of ongoing specialty training tracks. Adding a track to your membership could be just what you need to mix up your routine and take your fitness to the next level. 

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