Hensley Sejour

Hensley Sejour

  • Age: 36


•  BS Chemical Engineering, Lafayette College
•  PhD Chemical Engineering, Georgia Tech
•  Division 1 Track
• Club and Professional Ultimate Frisbee - 13 years
•  CrossFit Level 1

Hensley finally started CrossFit in 2012 after he became tired of working out on his own for many years. An athlete for most of his life, Hensley has always been training to compete in something; Little League, CYO Basketball, Football, Track, Ultimate Frisbee, and now CrossFit. He doesn’t feel whole without it.

CrossFit has brought on a welcomed and complete lifestyle change for Hensley. He enjoys the complex yet simple nature of CrossFit. Coming to Windy City has broadened his knowledge and improved him immensely as an athlete. He loves learning and “geeking out” on human movement and performance. Now he can’t wait to share it all with the Windy City community!