Nathan McCance

Nathan McCance

  • Nickname: "Ox"
  • Member Since: 2012
  • Occupation: Art Director/Graphic Designer and CL1-Certified CrossFit Coach
  • Age: 34


BFA in Graphic Design
CrossFit Level 1
CPR/AED Certified

Ox’s lifelong love of being active, sports and working out kept him moving long after graduating high school and college. The further he got from those early years, however, the more he found diminishing returns and boredom going to the commercial gym to workout. In 2012 he decided to check out Windy City CrossFit, after the urging of his friend who had recently started there. Ox quickly became captivated by the dynamic and challenging nature of the daily WODs, discovering that there was also a very supportive and nurturing community along with his reinvigorated passion for fitness. Ox found a home at Windy City, especially in Olympic Weightlifting, when he realized he could naturally move a lot of weight.

Coming from a long line of coaches, it was only natural that Ox fell into coaching at Windy City. He has found that helping others discover their own desire for fitness, as well as helping strengthen a positive, healthy community with his own gregarious nature has changed his own personal outlook on life. Ox believes that everyone can discover the drive to be a healthier person, both mentally and physically, if they have the correct support system, which starts with believing in his or herself. That belief is the basic foundation upon all other successes, and will help an individual excel in life, both in and outside of the box.