Cody Lawler

Cody Lawler

  • Member Since: 2017


• CrossFit L1
• CrossFit Mobility
• Bachelor of Science, Human Nutrition

Recently moved to Chicago in 2016, Cody has been coaching and doing CrossFit since joining his first gym in 2013. After competing in track and field in high school and dabbling in football he wanted to find a way to keep up his competitive nature as well as push himself physically. After 3-4 years of circuit training at his school's gym, and a lot of pick up basketball, he gave CrossFit a shot in a friend's garage gym and has been hooked since.

Cody believes in living your best life inside the gym and outside, using your fitness to pursue the best quality of life possible; while also having a healthy gym/work/life balance. Working hard in the gym and in nutrition to best suit yourself to live BIG outside the gym.