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Youth Training

Windy City offers youth programs that are designed to both educate your child on the importance of exercise as well as preparing their bodies and minds for optimal growth and development.

Based on the CrossFit principle of Mechanics => Consistency => Intensity, our program focuses on developing correct functional movement patterns throughout childhood and adolescence. Keeping FUN as the number one goal, when a child learns proper body awareness and how to move, enhanced sports performance and fewer injuries inevitably are the result. As well, there are numerous research studies that show how beneficial exercise can be to cognitive function. Consistent participation can have a positive impact on your child's academic achievement.

We offer 2 youth programs:

1. Teen Membership (ages 14–17)

This membership gives your teen access to specified CrossFit classes. They will train with other members in our group class structure, where a coach will supervise and teach proper form and mechanics in functional and athletic movements. Your teen will be instructed at his or her level with emphasis on having fun. They will be trained in 10 general physical skills (cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, speed, coordination, flexibility, power, balance, agility and accuracy). The training they experience at Windy City will prepare them for excellence in sports and in life.

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2. Youth Personal Training (any age)

Personal Training at Windy City is the fastest, most successful and motivational way for your teen to reach his or her fitness goals. They will work 1-on-1 with a personal coach in private individual sessions or semi-private sessions (if they prefer to train with a friend). Personal Training is for those with specific goals, special needs or limitations, and can accommodate nearly any schedule.

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