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Short. Sweet. Sweaty.

WC30 is our 30 minute workout program, designed for those who want to get in and out, or those looking for a little extra burn in addition to our daily WODs. A fast-paced, fun, and effective program, our WC30 training sessions combine basic bodyweight, gymnastics, light lifting and mono-structural (run, row, bike) movements.

Sample Programming:
assault bike @ easy effort
4-10 (steady pace):
5 consecutive broad jump
4 / side single arm rows
6 / side 1/2 kneeling press
set-up for workout
18 minutes - max rounds / reps:
400m run
50 single-under
8 ring row
12 push-up
50 single-under

Currently, WC30 workouts are not coach-led. They are part of our community class series, which means that you can complete these workouts any time on your own or with other Windy City members that you organize.


Price: Free for members
When: Anytime on your own or with other members
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