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Murph Team Training is set to begin April 29th.

This is an event specific, 5 week 20 session work-up to increase your efficiency for the CrossFit workout "Murph;" as well, come together as one unit. It is designed for you to progress and improve your workout completion time.

"Murph" consists of the following for time:
1 mile run
100 pull-up
200 push-up
300 squat
1 mile run

*partition reps as you see fit
*wearing a 20-25lb weight vest or individual body armor is optional

The goal -- on event day -- is to complete "Murph" in the fastest time possible with integrity (toward movements and reps). The goal -- of the work-up -- is to physically and mentally prepare with a group of like-minded individuals, come together as a true "TEAM," and truly commit to the process.

- pull-up bar
- running track (or way to track distance)
- stop watch
- weight vest (optional)
- rucksack

This program deploys the following:
- 5 Saturday Sessions -- 2 hours / instructor-led / team-building 
- 3 supplemental sessions per week (15-20 minutes)
- daily 'upon waking' and 'before bed' supplemental work

*In addition there will be periodic "homework" assignments to be shared during Saturday Sessions

WHEN: 6am Saturdays 4/29 - 6/3 
WHERE: Windy City Strength & Conditioning
- 5 weeks of Saturday Team Building sessions
- 5 weeks of supplemental training
- special edition MT2017 t-shirt
- entry fee and early pre-registration for MURPH DAY 2017
- private access to MT2017 training blog
- Friday night team briefing on June 2nd (the night before Murph)


  1. Will Pareja

    Will Pareja posted at 4:28pm on Apr. 24, 2017

    I’m in!

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