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Windy City Strength & Conditioning is excited to be hosting the FESTIVUS GAMES on October 14th, 2017! We are currently the ONLY gym in Chicago hosting this worldwide event, and we would love to see you there!

Novice, Intermediate and 45+ Masters Athletes, 2-Person Same-Sex TEAMS! This one isn’t for fire breathers. FESTIVUS = Feats of Strength for the Rest of Us
Check out the WODs here [they’re already out!] --->



6:45am- Doors open 

7am: Athlete check-in 

7:30am: Athlete briefing 

7:30-8am: Athlete Warm up 

8:00-9:30am: Deadlift Ladder 

9:40-10:50am: Row/ Burpees/ Wall Ball 

11:00- Noon: Box Jump/Pull-up 

12:30- Podium celebrations! 


Athlete information

  • Due to event logistics, please note the events will run in the following order which is different than listed by Festivus. ​
    • 1st event: Walking Dead (Deadlift Ladder, all divisions) 
    • 2nd event: Burp, Jump and Row Balls to the Wall (10 min running clock) 
    • 3rd event: Hold My Protein Shake, It's Go Time! (9 min AMRAP)
  • Got Questions??? We have answers! Here's a comprehensive FAQ 
  • Event Vendors:

Any questions please email 

Are you in?

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