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Athlete of the Month: November 2017

Kelly Bourquin

The progress Kelly has made at Windy City during her relatively short time here has been nothing short of incredible. She is likely one of the most "coachable" athletes I've ever worked with. As a coach you can sometimes wonder if you are the right fit for an athlete. Kelly originally had "lofty" gymnastic goals when we started working together. I'm not exactly known for my gymnastic prowess. Nonetheless, Kelly surprised me every day with her willingness to take direction and work on her skills. She understands the theory of movements and is able to make her body do what she wants- granted this comes with a lot of patience and hard work, something Kelly isn't afraid of! Kelly has also stepped out of her comfort zone and competed in the 2017 CrossFit Open and Festivus games (3rd place team with AOM Helen Richmond). Kelly is also dedicated to her nutrition plan and recognizes the importance of properly fueling her body for the hard work she puts in! Congrats Kelly! 

Nickname: KB

Member since: July 2016

Favorite Quote: “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it really, really well.” — Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) Parks & Rec

“My plan was to stick it out for a week, then I could say I gave it a ‘fair’ shot. My anxiety was through the roof but each day got a little easier...It was during my 2nd month that I realized there was no turning back.”

KB: When I came to Windy City I was all over the place. My anxiety was at its highest, I was bored/plateauing with my fitness, and going through a stressful work transition. I had zero knowledge of CrossFit except that I knew it wasn’t for me. I had spent the previous 3 years working with a trainer who helped me lose the 40lbs I had put on in college but my nutrition was a disaster. In addition, I was going to Physical Therapy weekly for chronic hip pain. While searching Google for a Nutritionist I came across Coach Sheena’s article detailing her experience with Windy City and Nova 3 Labs. It took a few months but eventually with a little encouragement from my Nova Coach and approval from my Physical Therapist, I got up the courage to walk through Windy City’s door.

My plan was to stick it out for a week, then I could say I gave it a “fair” shot. My anxiety was through the roof but each day got a little easier. I couldn’t believe how friendly and encouraging everyone was. I could only name 3 or 4 people from my previous gym yet within a week at Windy, I knew double that. Also my hip pain was at an all-time low. The Coaches were so great about finding movements that worked for me and drilled me on good form. It was during my 2nd month that I realized there was no turning back. I was drinking the CrossFit “kool-aid.” Windy City has since become part of my daily routine that I legitimately look forward to. I may not always be thrilled with the WOD (looking at you Assault bike) but at least I know I’ll get some good socializing in while we push through it together.

It’s shocking to me how much I’ve changed over the last year with the help of Windy City’s coaches and members. My attitude took the biggest hit in a few ways. I was always saying “I can’t do this” or “I’ll never be able to do that.” One day a coach specifically called me out on this negativity but I honestly believed that I was not capable. After that pep talk I made the decision to change my attitude to “yes I can” or “one day I will.” I was going to put in the work and with that commitment to myself everything started to change. I began working with Coach Sheena one on one and the progress we’ve made with my gymnastic skills and lifts is still mind blowing to me. Also, my attitude towards my body has slowly been changing. I no longer have any interest in being skinny, give me all the gains. I’m proud of my body and strength now. While I still sometimes have to fight my anxiety I no longer let it control me. I’m so grateful to all of Windy City for the encouragement and confidence they’ve given me over the past year.  

Recent Adventures

I took my first trip out of the country this past June to Australia to visit a college friend. The flights were long but I definitely caught the travel bug there. This summer I stepped outside my comfort zone by taking a Trapeze Class and completed my first CrossFit Competitions with the Open and the Festivus Games. 

Future Adventures

I have 2 vacations left this year, Florida with my family and road tripping to South Carolina with friends. I’m currently planning a trip next spring with my sister-in-law to drive across Arizona. If money and vacation day limits were not factors, I’d love spend a month traveling around Switzerland and Germany during Oktoberfest. A financially conscious version of this trip will happen in 2019.


  • Fitness: Strength, to lift all the weights! My goal is to get my Snatch over 150lbs and Clean & Jerk over 200lbs. Also pushing to get my body fat under 18% while maintaining strength. 

  • Professionally: Keep growing and progressing in my current position.

  • Personal: I’ve spent the last three years volunteering by running a Tutoring Program for at risk youth. My goal is to find a new opportunity to volunteer with kids by the end of the year, ideally within the Foster Care System.

Something that most people don’t know about me:

The last 5 years of my life have been focused on steel. I spent 2 years on a production floor supervising the manufacturing of steel and the last 3 years I’ve been purchasing steel for a Aerospace Gears Manufacturing company. 

Words to Live By

It’s better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings while counting your troubles. 


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    It is amazing what you can do once you start and consistently work at.
    Keep aiming high
    It has produced great results

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