Erik Michael

Erik Michael

  • Nickname: "DOC"
  • Member Since: 2012


BS Psychology San Francisco State University
MD Univeristy of Sint Eustatius
Crossfit Level 1

Doc has always been a competitive athlete from football, baseball, skiing, to playing on nationally-ranked high school and club volleyball teams, to making the USA Junior Men's National Volleyball team in 1991. Doc came to Windy City in 2012, " I was hitting forty, coming off shoulder surgery. I knew I wasn't in any shape, was bored with my regular gym routine and was craving a new challenge. I was hooked from day one!" Crossfit rekindled his competitive drive, the want to continuously improve, which exploded with the challenge of Olympic Weightlifting. "I love the technical aspect and how the explosive power translates over to all sports and Crossfit."

Doc believes there is an athlete in everyone. He looks to inspire, motivate, to guide people to believe in themselves and accomplish any goal they wish to achieve. Enjoys building relationships and the community at Windycity, breaking down components of the Olympic lifts to smaller less complex easier to digest bits, brings a sense of humor to motivate, encourage and fun to coaching.

Doc also works in Department of Psychiatry at Northwestern University Feinberg school of Medicine, developing new drug therapies to treat schizophrenia.