Eloise Andrle

Eloise Andrle

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• BS Exercise Science
• MS Cand. Exercise Science, Human Movement Science and Sports Performance
• USAW Sports Performance Coach
• CrossFit Level 1

Eloise has been playing and participating in sports since she sprinted out of the womb. Throughout grade school and high school, she demolished teams in volleyball with her bump kill, dunked over her opponents on the basketball courts, and high jumped her six family members to make her way to the track and field finals. Entering college, Eloise couldn’t sit still and knew that she had to find a way to stay active. Upon discovering you could earn a degree in the science of exercise, she jumped right in. Loving every course the degree entailed, Eloise has passionately soaked up every book and article pertaining to exercise science. Volunteering and interning for top athletic programs in Illinois has led to her gaining experience in training everyone from the professional athlete to the desk athlete. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Exercise Science.

Eloise firmly believes that exercise and health is a very personal component of every individual’s life. By getting to know everyone as an individual to see how they tick is the key to real change and consistency in that area of their lives. She values everyone who crosses her path and desires to know them inside the gym and out! When not found perched on boxes and beams around Windy City, Eloise can be seen chatting with a friend, eating soup (specifically borscht, her favorite), singing loudly in her car, ice-skating in the winter, and living in brief stints around the world. My mom wants me to also let everyone know that my 13 years of violin mastery will not be forgotten and that I still play every once in a while.