Taylor Perry

Taylor Perry


• National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal training
• National Academy of Sports Medicine Group Fitness
• CrossFit Level 1

Growing up in the farmlands of southern Illinois, Taylor was always extremely active in a wide variety of competitive sports. She grew up competitively racing dirtbikes, played travel soccer, and participated in any sport she could get her hands on. Taylor left the farm life and moved to the big city for school, where she left traditional sports, but continued to be active in the gym. However, she worked out a lot and felt fit, she missed the competitive nature of sports.

She started working with a personal trainer who introduced her to basic crossfit style workouts and introduced olympic weight lifting. After being told that there was a sport were you could compete and showcase your physical level of fitness, she was hooked. She started taking classes online while going through college to become a certified fitness professional.

After testing out the different crossfit gyms around the city, she stumbled into Windy City and was amazed by the facility, the coaches, and the community of members. She started training to become and competitive athlete and the rest was history!

Her main goals as a coach are to not only help people reach their best self, but to make each person’s day a little bit better than when they entered the gym.